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Dip moulding

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How dip moulding works

100% Phthalate free

As standard, we use phthalate-free black, yellow, red and fluorescent green material. All ingredients are individually FDA approved.

1. The mould

First we make a mould. The mould determines the internal shape of the product.

2. Heating the mould

The mould is preheated in an oven.

3. Dipping in liquid vinyl/plastisol

The mould is attached to a special frame and then dipped in a bath of liquid vinyl/plastisol.

4. Curing the product

The frame is automatically transported to an oven in which the product cures completely.

5. Cooling the mould

The mould is dipped in water to cool it.

6. Ejecting the product from the mould

Compressed air is used to eject the final product from the mould.