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Vinyl thread protector

100% Phthalate free

As standard, we use phthalate-free black, yellow, red and fluorescent green material. All ingredients are individually FDA approved.

Thread protectors are used to cover and protect the threads of bolts, screws, pipes, and tubes during storage, transport or painting. Traditionally thread protectors are made from plastic or steel. As Europe’s leading dip molding specialist, LoVen special products manufactures inexpensive thread protector caps out of plastisol vinyl. This material has many advantages over hard plastic thread protectors because it is flexible and won’t tear or shred.

Advantages of vinyl thread protectors

Due to the flexible nature of the material, vinyl thread protectors are easy to apply, while staying firmly in place after application. Furthermore, vinyl is a very strong material that won’t tear under stress, while conventional plastic thread protectors can shred and leave residue in the threads of the object you were trying to protect. It is also relatively simple and cost-effective to produce a custom dip molding material and create UV-proof thread protectors, chemical resistant threat protectors, thread protectors for usage in high- or low temperatures and for many more specific situations. The experts at LoVen special products can advice you with regards to the best material for your specific needs.

LoVen: specialist in vinyl thread protection

LoVen special products is a true specialist in dip molded products. We have all the resources to provide you with seamless vinyl products of the highest quality. For example, our in-house tooling specialists can provide you with custom molds, our material specialists can create custom plastisol dip molding material with special features, and our dip molding machines are based on the latest technology to produce your vinyl thread protectors in a quick and efficient manner. All of our thread protector caps can be produced in many different colors and it is even possible to print your logo or instructions on them. Feel free to contact us with your questions or to request a free product sample.