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Rectangular vinyl caps

100% Phthalate free

As standard, we use phthalate-free black, yellow, red and fluorescent green material. All ingredients are individually FDA approved.

As with our round dip moulded caps (vinyl caps), we also have an extensive range of standard moulds for the production of many sizes of rectangular and square vinyl protective caps that are as standard available in our stock colours red, white, blue, green, yellow, black and grey.

Custom rectangular vinyl caps

Of course, we can also produce your specified colour exactly. In addition, we can also deliver rectangular vinyl caps in a wide range of materials for your specific application. If required, a specific material can be developed that completely fulfils your requirements.

Examples of rectangular vinyl protective caps:

Advantages of rectangular vinyl caps:

Benefits of rectangular vinyl caps include:

  • Excellent fit
  • Due to the flexible material, a cap can be used on multiple sizes
  • Tear resistant. Even when slid over studding
  • The customer can specify the length, wall thickness, material properties and colour of the protective sleeves
  • Double dipping (multiple colours in a single product) is also possible. For instance to indicate wear
  • Extremely durable

We can also offer our in-house printing (tampon printing) service to apply your logo or user instructions to your vinyl sleeves and caps.