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Vinyl grips

100% Phthalate free

As standard, we use phthalate-free black, yellow, red and fluorescent green material. All ingredients are individually FDA approved.

As Europe’s market leader in dip molded products, LoVen special products produces seamless vinyl grips that improve the comfort of handles and levers. Our grips are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials and will provide a good looking, ergonomic finish for your products. If needed, we can develop a custom material for your vinyl grip. Custom materials include oil resistant, chemical resistant, and UV-proof vinyl. Furthermore, a vinyl grip can be produced in many different colors and with a hardness ranging from soft to semi-rigid and hard. It is even possible to double dip grips, to create a product that is hard on the inside and extremely soft on the outside.

Vinyl grip advantages

A Vinyl grip is flexible and therefore easy to install on many different surfaces. The material will stretch, but won’t split or crack, which makes it extremely durable. Because vinyl has excellent insulation properties, it is the material of choice for the handles of many electrical tools. Furthermore, by making use of the dip molding process it is relatively inexpensive to create a custom material that suits your specific needs.

Round vinyl grips

We provide vinyl grips in different shapes and sizes, but most of the time we fabricate round vinyl grips. Round vinyl grips can be used for fitness equipment, bars and tools. Ofcourse we are able to create a custom shape for your product, let us know what you need!

Specialist in vinyl grips

At LoVen we are specialized in producing vinyl products by using the dip molding technique. All of our products are seamless and made with the highest quality vinyl. We can double dip your grips to create a unique combination of materials and we can print a logo or instructions on your vinyl grips. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our dip molded vinyl grips or if you would like to receive a free product sample.